Model 9847V Handheld: Versatile CO2 and Pulse Oximeter for Veterinary Monitoring

Ideal for surgery or dental procedures on intubated animals, Nonin's unique Model 9847V combines semi-quantitative end-tidal carbon dioxide detection with digital pulse oximetry in one portable handheld monitor for maximum functionality. This vital tool is used to aid and verify endotracheal tube placement throughout the intubation period. During the procedure, an audible breath tone is present. Additionally, the 9847V provides accurate blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate data, and a visual respiration indicator. Truly versatile, the Model 9847V allows simultaneous or independent use of the EtCO2 detector and pulse oximeter.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to Use - Bright LED displays and intuitive icons
  • "First Breath" Active - No warm-up required
  • Cost Effective - No calibration needed and long battery life
  • Breath Tone - Audible indication of detected breath
  • Alarms - For apnea, SpO2 and pulse rate
  • Indication of Pulse Quality - Tri-color perfusion indicator
  • Veterinary-specific Software, Sensors and Hardware - Wide pulse rate range: 18 to 450 bpm