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Why Should You Buy a Nonin GO2 Over the Other Brands on the Market?

When only a few oxygen level points can be the difference between controlling your condition versus your condition controlling you, buy the Nonin GO2 finger pulse oximeter for its superior performance.

For People with COPD, Activity is Vital

People with COPD, asthma and other lung ailments have serious conditions that need to be managed properly. Exercise and activity, breathing techniques, early recognition of flare-ups and supplemental oxygen settings are all important to maintaining good health.1

For Activity, Oximeter Accuracy Helps you Take Control

Getting accurate readings from your finger pulse oximeter, particularly during activity, is vital to maintaining a healthy oxygen level.2 You need to know that your finger pulse oximeter is accurate.

Nonin vs. Primary Competitors

Nonin Medical, a US company, invented the finger pulse oximeter and has 25 years of experience. Many of the finger pulse oximeters on the internet and at major retailers come from the same two overseas companies. Retailers simply put their own brand name on the packaging. The Nonin GO2 outperforms those oximeters.

Performance Superiority

In a comparison study in which a person's oxygen level dropped from 98% to 74%, only the Nonin GO2 finger pulse oximeter showed the true low oxygen reading. A primary competitive oximeter showed the person's oxygen level reading dropping to 96% when the true reading was 74%.3

Buy a Nonin GO2 finger pulse oximeter to get the accurate readings you need to manage your oxygen and help you live a more active and full life.

Proven Technology

Only Nonin finger pulse oximeters have PureSAT Technology, which is precise enough to measure the oxygen level from each pulse. This provides superior responsiveness when your oxygen level starts dropping. Many of the other finger pulse oximeters for sale are less precise and need to calculate an average oxygen level across numerous pulses, which often results in delayed or inaccurate readings, particularly during activity.

Lead-Free and Latex-Free4

The Nonin GO2 is built in the USA and has been tested and contains no lead or natural-rubber latex. An independent test lab analyzed the lead content in several finger pulse oximeters and showed that imports from two competitive Chinese manufacturers contained "lead-rich components". Nonin Medical's products proved lead free.4

Made in the USA

Nonin oximeters are made in America. Our customer service staff in Minneapolis, MN will handle your questions.

Buy a Nonin GO2 finger pulse oximeter with superior performance - to give you control.


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Comparison Superiority. In a side-by-side comparison, Nonin GO2 accurately tracked a person's oxygen level decrease from 98% to 74% while a primary competitor only tracked down to 95%.5

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is also known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis

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