Proven Nonin Sidestream Capnography Technology

Nonin Medical's sidestream capnography technology provides the earliest indicator of an adverse breathing event in intubated and non-intubated patients.

Highly portable and cost effective, the Nonin LifeSense® capnograph/pulse oximeter and RespSense™ capnograph provide accurate, first-breath EtCO2 value and waveform. They are ideal for spot check and continuous EtCO2 monitoring for Emergency Services/Resuscitation, Acute Care, Sleep Study, Pain Management, Procedural Sedation, Homecare and Veterinary applications. Both capnographs feature easy-to-use, easy-to-see WIDESCREEN™ touch-panel display and can be used for endotracheal tube placement verification, waveform trend monitoring, detecting changes in ventilation, and continuous monitoring.

Nonin's LifeSense and RespSense monitors meet the rigorous International Standards organization (ISO) requirements for medical electrical equipment used during professional transportation of a patient outside of the healthcare facility. Not all monitors meet these ISO standards.

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