Leaders in Noninvasive Medical Monitoring

Nonin Medical, Inc. invented the finger pulse oximeter and is a global leader in designing and manufacturing noninvasive medical monitoring solutions. Our product offerings include pulse oximeters, regional oximeters, capnographs, sensors, software and accessories. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with an additional distribution and service center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we sell our products to health professionals and consumers in more than 125 countries, and we have more than 100 OEM partners worldwide. Engineer Phil Isaacson founded Nonin Medical in 1986 with three other engineers and named the company “Nonin Medical” to emphasize our commitment to developing noninvasive medical monitoring solutions. Today, Mr. Isaacson serves as the company’s chief executive officer and chief technology officer.

A History of Medical Technology Innovations

Nonin Medical is globally recognized as an innovator in signal processing and sensor design. We're known for designing products that are easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, low power, and accurate in a wide range of patient populations and settings. Our development teams are continually working with clinicians and consumers to bring more technology functionality and value to the marketplace.

Significant Nonin Medical achievements include:

  • 1986 — Nonin Medical Inc. founded; first oximeter shipped
  • 1990 — Introduced world’s first portable hand-held pulse oximeter
  • 1991 — Released world’s first oximeter with fiber optic sensor
  • 1995 — Introduced world’s first fingertip pulse oximeter
  • 1997 — Released world’s first low power pulse oximeter for OEM
  • 2004 — Introduced world’s first pulse oximeter with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • 2007 — Launched pulse oximeter/capnograph monitor to US and Canada
  • 2008 — Founding member of Continua™ Alliance Group
  • 2008 — Released world’s first interoperable, fingertip pulse oximeter with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • 2009 — Recipient of Bluetooth SIG’s “Best of CES Award”
  • 2009 — Introduced the world's first and only dual-emitter, dual-receiver regional oximetry system
  • 2010 — Certified to Microsoft® HealthVault® eHealth consumer platform
  • 2011 — Introduced adult absolute regional oximetry sensor for cerebral/somatic applications
  • 2011 — Released world’s first regional oximetry OEM Solution
  • 2011 — Introduced world's first regional oximetry system that automatically accounts for pediatric brain tissue development variation when measuring oxygen saturation levels
  • 2012 — Announced US expanded indications for Onyx® Vantage, the first finger pulse oximeter with accuracy claims for expanded use on thumbs and toes
  • 2013 — Introduced in Europe the world's first universal oximetry system combining pulse oximetry and regional oximetry into one system
  • 2013 — Introduced in Europe the world's first medical device featuring Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology: the Nonin 3230 Bluetooth® Smart OEM finger pulse oximeter for eHealth/telemedicine applications
  • 2013 — Won Frost & Sullivan's North American Product Quality Leadership Award for Pulse Oximeters
  • Simplifying Healthcare through eHealth Solutions

    Nonin Medical’s vision for the future of healthcare is to develop technologies and interoperable solutions that improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of life, and reduce cost of care. With the introduction of our revolutionary, interoperable Bluetooth®-enabled wireless devices, we're proud to lead the industry in the effort to simplify the exchange of information. We are committed to driving global connectivity standards and adding interoperable solutions across our product line.