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Reliable, durable pulse oximetry and capnography solutions for first responders

In rescue situations, every second counts. Nonin's PureSAT pulse oximetry technology delivers the proven motion and low perfusion tolerance you've come to trust.

But did you know? Not all oximetry and capnography solutions are the same:

  • Cheap options may not contain signal processing that is refined enough to provide performance when you need it most – with patients who experience critical SpO2 desaturations ( Learn About the Nonin PureSAT Pulse Oximetry Technology Difference ).
  • Cheap options tend to break and malfunction more often, creating unnecessary downtime and cost to you as you search for a replacement unit or sensor.
  • Bottom line: The high “cost” of cheap options is one reason why discerning first responders turn to U.S. manufacturer Nonin Medical for their pulse oximetry and capnography solutions.

    Nonin Medical offers one of the most reliable, cost-effective and complete lines of noninvasive medical monitoring solutions available for emergency respiratory monitoring:

    • Clinically proven pulse oximetry accuracy in the most challenging patients and conditions
    • Portable pulse oximeters for spot checking or continuous monitoring
    • Durable, reliable, latex-free sensors in reusable and disposable varieties for neonates to adults
    • Capnographs that provide fast and reliable first-breath readings
    • Used by the U.S. military
    • Made in America
    • 70% of EMS World survey respondents recommend the Nonin Medical brand

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