How to Use a Pulse Oximeter?

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The Nonin GO2 brand oximeter was designed for your personal, at-home use. It is easy to use:

  • Place your palm out facing you.
  • Insert your index finger into the Nonin GO2 brand oximeter so that the device faces you.
  • Wait a moment to receive your accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings.

Track your readings

  • Keeping track of your readings can help you determine what your normal range is
  • Print daily activity log by clicking here
  • Watch the Video: Learn how to use your GO2 pulse oximeter.


Nail polish (especially dark shades) and/or artificial nails may affect the oximeter's performance.

Accurate oxygen measurements by oximetry require a good blood flow through the tissues. When your fingers are cold, the blood flow is reduced and poor or abnormal readings are possible. Warming the hands by rubbing them together or with warm water helps improve blood flow.

Do not smoke! Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen reaching your tissues and may result in the oximeter falsely suggesting that oxygen level is satisfactory.

You may be more short of breath when your oxygen is low, but oxygen alone may not fully relieve shortness of breath. Exercise training and pulmonary rehabilitation are usually helpful in this situation.


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