Low Power, Easy-to-Integrate OEM Solutions

Nonin Medical is a leading global provider of OEM solutions in pulse and regional oximetry. Our easy-to-integrate products and dedicated customer support team have helped over 200 OEM customers bring low power, high accuracy medical devices to market. With over 1.2 million Nonin pulse oximeters sold, Nonin’s installed base is one of the world’s largest in the medical professional, homecare, sleep, ventilators, monitoring, EMS, telehealth and eHealth segments.

Nonin OEM advantages include:

  • Low power – Nonin’s approach to signal processing make our solutions lower power in almost all applications.
  • Accuracy –Nonin’s products provide unmatched clinical accuracy required for patient monitoring even in the most demanding patients, including those with dark skin tones and low perfusion. Nonin is one of the only pulse oximetry manufacturers with clinical claims for both low perfusion and motion.
    Learn more about Nonin’s PureSAT pulse oximetry technology difference.
  • Durability – Studies have shown that Nonin’s oximeters and sensors offer a longer useful life increasing the value of ownership for our OEM partners’ products.
  • Reliability – Nonin’s products have clinically proven, unmatched reliability.
  • Revenue – With many OEM solutions, the OEM partner cannot share in the ongoing sensor revenue their products generate. At Nonin, we encourage our OEM partners to share in this long-term annuity revenue stream.
  • Ease of integration – Nonin’s OEM solutions are designed for easy and flexible integration.
  • Quality support – Nonin supports its OEM partners from design to integration, testing, regulatory submission and launch.
  • Tools and training – Nonin understands that your success depends on the success of our individual OEM partners. We work with our OEM partners to provide all the tools, training and support needed for success.

OEM Pulse Oximetry

    Nonin Medical developed the world’s first low power pulse oximeter for OEM applications. Our OEM pulse oximetry products are available as wireless, internal, or external solutions.

  • External wireless pulse oximeter – Uses Bluetooth® or Bluetooth Smart® (low energy) to transmit information wirelessly to a host receiver. Nonin products include the Onyx® II 9560, the 3230 Bluetooth LE (BLE4.0), finger pulse oximeters and the WristOx2 3150 wrist-worn pulse oximeter. These products are used by a variety of customers especially in the sleep, home oxygen, eHealth, EMS, mHealth and telehealth industries for monitoring patients in their homes.
  • External pulse oximeter – Plugs into a medical device through an external port such as a mini-12 or USB connector. Nonin products include the Xpod® and Ipod®. These products are used in telehealth, eHealth, sleep medicine, monitoring, ventilators, EMS, home care and oxygen therapy markets.
  • Internal pulse oximeter module – Integrates inside a medical device, such as a sleep diagnostics system, monitor or ventilator. Nonin products include the OEM III Module. These products are used by a variety of companies in a wide variety of settings.

eHealth Pulse Oximetry

Nonin Medical is a leader in providing eHealth pulse oximeter solutions for chronic disease management, personal health and wellness monitoring, and other remote patient monitoring needs. Many leading telemedicine/telehealth equipment providers integrate Nonin SpO2 into their systems because they know Nonin’s low power eHealth solutions are highly accurate, easy to use, easy to integrate and cost effective. Most important, Nonin solutions provide the critical clinical accuracy required for many eHealth applications.

Try an OEM Product Evaluation Kit Today

Nonin offers OEM product evaluation kits to help you evaluate how our OEM solutions will work for you. Each development kit includes the OEM medical device, demonstration software, technical documentation and any additional interface components required to operate the OEM device with your PC. Register to buy our development kits or talk to our OEM team to quickly and easily see how Nonin’s OEM solutions can meet your monitoring needs.