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Introducing Nonin 3230 Bluetooth® Smart Pulse Oximeter

Spot-on Accuracy, Connectivity, Usability for information you can act on

Nonin Medical invented the first Bluetooth pulse oximeter with the 9560. We now introduce the 3230. Nonin’s Model 3230 is the first finger pulse oximeter with Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, which provides a simplified pairing for vital information exchange over a secure wireless connection. Nonin Medical’s high-performing OEM pulse oximeters provide the solution for your SpO2 and pulse rate spot-checking monitoring needs. With Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology, Nonin’s clinically proven accuracy provides peace of mind in knowing you are getting precise readings. Only Nonin has SmartPoint capture and send and CorrectCheck technologies to provide advanced information you can act on.

Product Highlights

Spot-on Accuracy

  • Features algorithms specifically for patients with challenging conditions such as low perfusion, dark skin tones and motion
  • Quickly provides clinically proven accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings from small to large fingers, good to low perfusion, and dark to light skin tones
  • Large, patient facing screen
  • Simple, easy to understand information
  • Added content in the datastream to help support the patient
  • Proprietary CorrectCheck technology advises the patient when the finger is not placed properly in the device
  • Spot-on Connectivity

  • Easily integrates into most telemedicine hubs via Bluetooth Smart wireless technology
  • Spot-on Usability

  • Easy-to-read large display for patient use
  • High quality product with proven durability for any environment
  • Long battery life – Model 3230 oximeter allows for up to 2,200 spot checks on two AAA batteries
  • Environmentally Safe

  • Meets the Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS) standard to minimize the introduction of hazardous materials into the patient environment.
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