Pulse Oximeter Accuracy Proven in Desaturation Test

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The GO2 Accuracy Advantage

See the Difference – Performance Comparison

Three finger pulse oximeters and one tabletop pulse oximeter were attached to a subject who was breathing for the first minute using a commercially available rebreather* to induce hypoxia.

The chart below illustrates that over the course of the test, only the Nonin Onyx® and Nellcor pulse oximeters accurately tracked the subject’s desaturation down to 81-82% SpO2 and back up to 96% SpO2.

*In this test, to induce hypoxia, the subject utilized the AltoLab Altitude Simulator, which is a commercially available rebreather. The AltoLab simulator removes CO2 from exhaled air and lowers the oxygen content of air inhaled by the user. Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use. Devices depicted are available in the United States, but may not be available in all countries


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The GO2 Accuracy Advantage