Reusable PureLight® Sensors For Dependable SpO2 Readings

Nonin Medical has designed an array of PureLight reusable sensors for patients of many sizes and clinical presentations. The 8000 Series of reusable sensors are ideal for spot-check, short-term or continuous monitoring.

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(Note: Nonin Medical does not support the use of third-party sensors or other accessories for use with Nonin oximeters. Pulse oximetry accuracy is dependent on oximeters and sensors that are designed, tested and clinically validated as a complete system. Additionally, Nonin’s new Soft Sensors meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9919* and IEC 60601-1-2*.)

Accurate and dependable SpO2 readings start with PureLight sensors.

Soft Sensors

  • 8000SS Small 1m/3m/WristOx2 Digit thickness: 7.5 to 12.5mm (0.3 to 0.5in)
    Preferred application: Fingers, Toes
  • 8000SM Medium 1m/3m/WristOx2 Digit thickness: 10 to 19mm (0.4 to 0.75in)
    Preferred application: Fingers, Toes
  • 8000SL Large 1m/3m/WristOx2 Digit thickness: 12.5 to 25.5mm (0.5 to 1in)
    Preferred application: Fingers, Toes

Benefits: Quick & easy spot-checking
Comfortable fit for continuous monitoring
Durable design & easy to clean
Universal sensor for many settings

Finger Clip Sensors

  • 8000AA Adult Articulated 1m/2m/3m/WristOx2 Patient Range: > 30kg (66lbs)
    Preferred application: Index, middle or ring fingers
  • 8000AP Pediatric 1m/3m Patient Range: 8 to 30kg (18 to 66lbs)
    Preferred application: Index, middle or ring fingers

Benefits: For spot-checking & short-term monitoring
Comfortable, self-aligning grip
Durable & easy to clean

Ear Clip Sensor

  • 8000Q2 1m Patient Range: > 40kg (88lbs)
    Preferred application: Ear lobe

  • Benefits: Fast & easy application for spot-checking or longer term monitoring when digits are not the preferred application site.

Reflectance Sensors

  • 8000R 1m Patient Range: > 30kg (66lbs)
    Preferred application: Middle forehead
  • 8000R Sensor 1 Reusable reflectance sensor – preferred application – middle of forehead
    Also includes: 1 box 8000H containing 10 plastic applicator caps and 20 adhesive rings
    Additional boxes of 8000H are available for reorder

Benefits: Provides convenient site for stress testing & continuous monitoring where digits are not the preferred application site.

*ISO 9919:2005, Medical electrical equipment – Particular requirements for the safety and essential performance of pulse oximeter equipment for medical use. IEC 60601-1-2, Medical Electrical Equipment - Part 1: General Requirements for Safety 2. Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements & Tests.