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Onyx® II 9560 and WristOx2 Model 3150 eHealth/OEM Products: Microsoft® HealthVault® Drivers

Nonin’s Onyx® II Model 9560 Bluetooth® finger pulse oximeter and Nonin’s WristOx2 Model 3150 Bluetooth wrist-worn pulse oximeter for eHealth/OEM use are certified to Microsoft HealthVault. As a personal health record technology, HealthVault supports a growing ecosystem of more than 300 connected, user-friendly apps and more than 200 devices, including the Nonin pulse oximeters referenced above.

To provide Microsoft Health Vault with data originating from these Nonin pulse oximeters, please download, print and follow these instructions.

3150 Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeter

Nonin Product Data Management Software Downloads

The following Nonin data management software is available on CDs for downloading to support these Nonin products:

Please contact Nonin Technical Service to obtain these software CDs.