Accurate and Dependable Veterinary Sensor Solutions

Nonin Medical's veterinary sensors are ideal for short-term and continuous noninvasive monitoring. All of our sensor solutions can be used across our entire line of veterinary products.

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(Note: Nonin Medical does not support the use of third-party sensors or other accessories for use with Nonin oximeters. Pulse oximetry accuracy is dependent on oximeters and sensors that are designed, tested and clinically validated as a complete system. Additionally, Nonin’s new Soft Sensors meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9919* and IEC 60601-1-2*.)

Choose from three sensor application designs:

2000SL Lingual Clip Sensor
Lightweight, ultra-sensitive clip-on sensor for tongue application or paw pad, and well-vascularized areas, as appropriate.

2000SA Wrap Sensor
Flexible wrap sensor for placement on toe (dog, large animal) or base of the tail (small animal).

2000T Transflectance Sensor
Convenient sensor of placement on the underside, base of the tail or other well-vascularized surfaces.