Low-Cost, High-Quality, Easy-to-Use Technologies

Nonin Medical is a technology-driven company and global leader in developing noninvasive medical monitoring solutions that improve the quality of people's lives. We do this by developing low-cost, high-quality, easy-to-use technologies that empower clinicians to make better decisions and individuals to proactively manage their health. The foundation of our success is our ability to apply innovative signal processing and sensor design technologies to create solutions that advance industry standards and meet customers' needs today and tomorrow. Our solutions are known for their accuracy in a wide range of patients and settings, consistent and reliable performance, ability to excel in challenging conditions, and capacity to be easily integrated as low-power OEM solutions.

Nonin Medical is dedicated to designing products for interoperability, and many of our products are designed to the Bluetooth® Health Device Profile (HDP), IEEE11073 and Continua standards. As one of the Founding Members of the Continua Alliance, Nonin Medical and its Continua partners are dedicated to developing cross-industry standards to promote the use of remote monitoring and reduce the cost of healthcare from acute care to the home.

PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology Provides Clinically Proven Sp02 Accuracy

Nonin Medical's clinically proven PureSAT® pulse oximetry technology utilizes intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise oximetry measurements—even in the presence of motion, low perfusion or other challenging conditions. PureSAT automatically adjusts to each patient's condition to provide fast and reliable readings. MORE

PureLight® Pulse Oximetry Sensor Technology Delivers Sp02 Accuracy for Human and Veterinary Use

Nonin's reusable and disposable sensors for human use are easy to use and fit a wide range of patients from neonatal to adult. Nonin's veterinary clip, wrap and transflectance pulse oximetry sensors can be used with any of our veterinary products. All Nonin sensors utilize our proven PureLight LEDs that emit a single, pure and clean light source that is accurate from patient to patient and sensor to sensor. MORE

Nonin Sidestream Capnography Technology Offers Fast, Accurate, First-Breath Detection of EtCO2

Nonin Medical's Sidestream capnography technology eliminates the need for calibration or auto zeroing during patient monitoring for fast, first-breath detection of breathing irregularities at the bedside, in the field or during transport. Waveform trend monitoring helps verify endotracheal tube placement while a unique moisture management solution helps prevent occlusion. MORE

EQUANOX Regional Oximetry Technology Delivers Accurate, Consistent, and Reliable rS02 Measurements

Nonin Medical's patented EQUANOX regional oximetry technology features a dual emitter/dual receiver sensor architecture and four-wavelengths of light to deliver highly accurate, consistent and reliable signals. EQUANOX automatically adjusts to each patient's condition—regardless of age or skin color—for readings you can trust. MORE