Count on Nonin

Our innovative, noninvasive monitoring solutions work wherever and whenever you need them—even in challenging conditions—so you can concentrate on delivering the highest quality patient care.

You work hard.
Your equipment should, too.

Your top priority is your patient—not troubleshooting medical devices. Our patient monitoring solutions are easy to use and provide consistent measurements time after time. Nonin pulse and regional oximeters, capnographs, and sensors deliver accurate data to help you focus on care.

A history of dependable solutions

We work constantly to improve our technologies and create monitoring solutions that deliver consistent performance in the most challenging conditions. We are committed to providing the critical information you need to make decisions, take action, and keep moving.

Clinically proven technologies and field-tested solutions
designed to support the highest standards of care


Emergency Medicine

EMS professionals need equipment that stands up to frequent use, day and night. Nonin oximetry solutions are engineered to deliver reliable measurements every time. They give EMS specialists the data they need to take action quickly.

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Hospitals and Clinics

Clinicians rely on durable pulse oximetry monitoring devices to deliver quality patient care throughout the hospital. Nonin devices are designed to work wherever and whenever they are needed, so clinicians can make confident decisions.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Nonin is a leading global provider of OEM solutions in pulse and regional oximetry. Our easy-to-integrate components and dedicated support team have helped more than 200 OEM customers bring more than a million medical devices to market.

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  • "As a respiratory therapist, I use Nonin products regularly. You could spend a little less on an oximeter at a drugstore or through an online medical supplier, but if you need accurate readings, Nonin is the only way to go.”


    John D.,
    CRT, LPN

  • "Nonin’s Advance 8004CB sensor represents a major step forward in pediatric patient monitoring. Now, physicians have a single-sensor solution that provides oxygen saturation readings based on the child’s true physiology."


    Dean Kurth, MD
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

  • “After thoroughly evaluating four manufacturers, we selected Nonin’s RespSense and LifeSense capnographs. These units best met our criteria of visible and portable monitors, warranty policies and consumables pricing.”


    Pam Lindemann
    RT Manager, Riverside Medical Center

  • “I rely on my wrist-worn pulse oximeter to monitor my oxygen levels while racing. I need something durable with measurements I can trust; for me that’s a Nonin WristOx 3150.”


    Russell Winwood
    Australian athlete with COPD

PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology

PureSAT signal processing technology—a Nonin exclusive—uses intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering. This clinically proven technology provides precise oximetry measurements even in the presence of motion, low perfusion, or other challenging conditions. PureSAT automatically adjusts to each patient's condition to provide fast and reliable readings.

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