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Nonin CO-Pilot™ Named Innovation Award Winner By EMS World

October 28, 2020

Device Recognized for Improving Accessibility to New Technologies and Patient Care

Minneapolis — October 22, 2020 – Nonin Medical, announced today that the Nonin CO-Pilot™ was one of ten companies to receive a 2020 Innovation Award from EMS World. The awards recognize the industry’s most pioneering new devices or product modifications that improve the delivery of or have the potential to transform pre-hospital care.

“This award reinforces the innovative spirit that is central to our mission at Nonin. Our teams worked tirelessly on this product and we are proud to be recognized for the contribution to emergency medicine it will make,” said Dave Hemink, CEO of Nonin Medical.

CO-Pilot™ Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System

The CO-Pilot is another Nonin industry first that leverages wireless technology to give first responders potentially life-saving patient data. Launched in July 2020, CO-Pilot is a handheld device with wireless capabilities that helps EMS, firefighters and military personnel measure five patient parameters following cardiac arrest, traumatic injury, carbon monoxide or smoke inhalation.

The system eliminates the need for a cable connecting the patient to the monitor, allowing wireless screening from up to 30 feet (or approximately 10 meters) away. CO-Pilot can also replace multiple pieces of equipment for first responders with a smaller, lighter all-in-one option.

“The award for CO-Pilot reinforces the importance of wireless and remote monitoring solutions during a global pandemic. During this time, first responders around the globe have become a triage resource for hospitals not wanting to bring patients into a facility if not absolutely medically necessary,” said Nonin Vice President of Global Marketing, Christine Horton. “CO-Pilot’s wireless capabilities allow for patient and caregiver needs to be optimally met and first responders can measure patient health parameters from a distance to limit their potential exposure to the virus.”

Adding to the list of innovations and firsts introduced in the Nonin CO-Pilot, the device’s multi-parameter system holds several performance distinctions. Unlike first generation, non-invasive carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) screening, the CO-Pilot has FDA indications for COHb accuracy in the presence of hypoxia and pulse oximetry (SpO2) accuracy in the presence of COHb. In addition to simultaneously measuring SpO2, pulse rate, COHb, and methemoglobin (MetHb), a separate sensor can be used to monitor cerebral and tissue oximetry (rSO2). Recent clinical evidence has indicated that using rSO2 to monitor patient oxygen saturation during traumas like CPR can help confirm efficacy and quality of life saving treatment.1 By introducing the ability to monitor rSO2 in a compact, portable device, the Nonin CO-Pilot can help EMS professionals monitor patients in even the most challenging conditions.

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1. Parnia S, Yang J, Nguyen R, et al. Cerebral Oximetry During Cardiac Arrest: A Multicenter Study of Neurologic Outcomes and Survival. Critical Care Med. 2016 Sep;44(9):1663-74.