SenSmart® 3500SP

Multi-Sensing Oximetry Signal Processor

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SenSmart® 3500SP

Multi-Sensing Oximetry Signal Processor

The Nonin SenSmart 3500SP is a multi-sensing oximetry component for OEMs. It accepts Nonin SenSmart sensors for pulse oximetry (SpO2), cerebral and tissue oximetry (rSO2), carboxyhemoglobin (COHb), and methemoglobin (MetHb). The first product of its kind, the 3500SP is faster and more efficient to integrate than internal circuit boards. Its specialized algorithms adjust to real-world conditions, resulting in unparalleled accuracy.


Easy Integration

Can be integrated in OEM monitoring systems easily, reducing product development time and increasing speed to market


Scalable Design

Multiple parameters allow OEMs to scale system capabilities and offer post-sale upgrades


Rugged Enclosure

Meets strict EMS standards and the demanding requirements of hospital ED, OR, and ICU environments


Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

Uses intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise oximetry measurements, even in challenging conditions


Cerebral and Tissue Oximetry (rSO2)

Patented dual emitter/dual detector sensor architecture enhances cerebral and tissue (regional) oximetry measurement accuracy


COHb and MetHb

Reliable and accurate COHb when SpO2 is low; reliable and accurate SpO2 when COHb is high*

Reliable Measurements

Nonin rSO2 sensors feature dual emitters and detectors for tissue oxygen saturation measurements that are minimally affected by extraneous tissue or skin pigmentation

Multiple Parameters

Flexible options let you control which parameters to display depending on your customer commercialization and pricing program

Wide Compatibility

The SenSmart 3500SP accepts any compatible Nonin branded rSO2 or SpO2 sensor to monitor patients from neonate to adult

Product Support

1-year warranty with extended warranties available

Compatible Sensors
Multiple Parameters

The SenSmart 3500SP can process signals from a wide variety of Nonin SpO2 and rSO2 sensors. SenSmart oximetry products are made with the durability you expect for long-lasting performance. Nonin sensors withstand repeated daily use, and our technologies deliver consistent, reliable measurements.

SpO2 Sensors
Pulse Oximetry

  • SenSmart® 6100C Series Adult and Pediatric Cloth Sensors for Single Patient Use
  • SenSmart® 8100A(X) Adult and Pediatric Reusable Finger Clip Sensors
  • SenSmart® 8100S Series Reusable Soft Sensors
  • SenSmart® 8100Q2 Adult and Pediatric Reusable Ear Clip Sensor

rSO2 Sensors
Cerebral and Tissue Oximetry

  • SenSmart® 8204CA Adult and Pediatric Cerebral/Somatic Sensor for Single Patient Use
  • SenSmart® 8004CA Adult and Pediatric Cerebral/Somatic Sensor for Single Patient Use
  • SenSmart® 8004CB Pediatric Cerebral/Somatic Sensor for Single Patient Use
  • SenSmart® 8004CB-NA (non-adhesive) Pediatric Cerebral/Somatic Sensor for Single Patient Use

SpO2/COHb/MetHb Sensors
Additional Parameters

  • SenSmart® 8330AA Multi-Sensing Emergency Medicine Sensor
    Note: Nonin sensors with COHb and MetHb capability are not yet cleared for EMS use in the United States. Write to for information on current availability.

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With more than 30 years of experience and dedication to the design and support of noninvasive monitoring devices, Nonin has helped many medical monitoring device manufacturers meet clinical and economic objectives. More than 100 OEM partners around the world rely on Nonin technology to successfully integrate superior pulse oximetry and capnography into their products.

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