Model 7500

Pulse Oximeter

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Model 7500

Pulse Oximeter

The Nonin Model 7500 Pulse Oximeter empowers caregivers with accurate oximetry information1 — helping them act quickly and confidently in the moments that matter.

Featuring Nonin Hybrid Averaging™, the 7500 minimizes the impact of sudden SpO2 value changes due to motion artifact or other transient conditions, while still providing the rapid recovery of Standard/Fast Averaging. The result is reduced nuisance alarms, improved actionability, and greater peace of mind for patients and the caregivers who are giving their all.

Lightweight, compact, and portable, the 7500 is ideal for monitoring infant, pediatric, and adult patients in a variety of clinical and homecare settings and durable enough for heavy and repeated use.


Easy to Use

A variety of indicators ensure reliable reading: a color-coded pulse strength bar graph, pulse quality indicator, and sensor fault indicator


Durable Design

Designed for continued heavy and repeated use in a variety of clinical and homecare settings


Powerful Battery

Operates on AC line voltage or an internal battery that provides 16-hour runtime with a 4-hour quick recharge

Internal Memory

Allows user to review up to 70 hours of memory

Flexible Alarms

Includes patient security mode and user-defined default that offers customizable patient settings

Pulse Strength Bar Graph

Assess the patient’s status at a glance with a color-coded bar graph and a saturation level-related audible tone at each pulse

Pulse Quality Indicator

Detects patient movement or signal quality changes that may require sensor site stabilization

PureSAT® Technology

Leverages intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise oximetry measurements


Can be used as a stand-alone device or interface with other equipment

Accuracy for Peace of Mind

Rest Easy.
Act Confidently.

The Model 7500 now features a selectable Hybrid Averaging option, reducing the number of nuisance alarms from short desaturations caused by motion or other transient conditions. This new feature allows caregivers to focus on what matters and reduce the number of unnecessary trips to the ER.

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Featuring Exclusive
PureSAT® and PureLight® Technologies

The Model 7500 features advanced technologies from Nonin, such as PureSAT pulse oximetry technology for intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide accurate oximetry measurements, and PureLight sensor technology paired with a bright LED display and large display screen for clear readability.

View the Model 7500 Feature Sheet

Reliable Data
for Quality Care

For at-home monitoring, you need easy-to-use equipment that provides reliable measurements so you can make confident treatment decisions. The Nonin Model 7500 provides responsive measurements across a wide range of patient situations, from hospital to home. Watch the Model 7500 In-service Product Training Video to see versatility in action.

Compatible Sensors from Nonin

Nonin pulse oximetry sensors are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them highly durable in a wide variety of patient settings. They feature exclusive technologies and are designed with patient comfort in mind, minimizing potential patient discomfort, which can impact the accuracy of sensor readings. Use Nonin's sensor compatibility tools to discover the best sensor(s) for your patient needs.


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  • 7500 Carrying Case


  • Analog Cable (AMI Monitor)


  • Serial Output Cable


  • Universal Extension Cable (1m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (3m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (6m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (9m)


  • Right Angle Connector


  • Deluxe Table Top Stand


  • Pole Mount Clamp


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