SenSmart Model 8003CA

Regional Oximetry Sensor

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SenSmart Model 8003CA

Regional Oximetry Sensor

SenSmart Model 8003CA single-patient use, regional oximetry sensors use dual emitters and dual detectors to provide accurate cerebral and somatic tissue oxygen values. Along with advanced, patent-protected algorithms, these dual emitters and dual detectors create pairs of light paths through surface tissue and through the cerebral cortex, producing measurements that are proven to be the industry’s least affected by intervening tissue or surface effects.¹


Three Wavelength Optics

SenSmart rSO2 technology uses three wavelengths of light to measure the balance of oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin, resulting in greater accuracy and reliability


Dual-Emitter Architecture

Dual emitters and dual detectors provide repeatable cerebral cortex measurements that are minimally affected by intervening tissue or surface effects


Real-Time Readings

Sampling rates less than two seconds apart guarantee up-to-date saturation readings

Versatile and Adaptable

For use in operating room, surgical recovery, critical care, emergency room, long-term care, and mobile environments

Flexible Construction

Sensor conforms easily to patient anatomy for optimal placement

Reliable Readings

Skin color or pigmentation has not been shown to affect the accuracy of the readings

Immune to Ambient Light Effects

No need to cover the exposed sensor and surrounding skin with a light-shielding drape

Excellent Adhesion

Proven, reliable adhesions, even with highly diaphoretic patients

Immediate Response

Near-instant measurements ensure readings from the moment the sensor is placed


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