Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System (H500)

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Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System (H500)

Emergencies can happen anywhere. And unreliable measurements leave everyone exposed.
You need to be able to depend on the tools you use so you can focus on the lives that
depend on you. Introducing the Nonin CO-Pilot™ Wireless Handheld Multi-Parameter System to reliably measure COHb, MetHb, SpO2, pulse rate, and rSO2 in even the most challenging conditions.
So you can trust what's in your hands.

Trust What's In Your Hands


Reliable Readings

Accurate COHb and SpO2 readings in the presence of hypoxia and CO poisoning


Designed for Rugged Conditions

Meets or exceeds ISO EMS Standards for medical devices


Highly Compatible

Accepts Nonin SpO2, rSO2, and multi-parameter SenSmart sensor types

Multiple Parameters At Once

Proven, durable sensor can measure SpO2, pulse rate, COHb, and MetHb simultaneously

Wireless Patient Screening

Wirelessly transmit patient readings from the sensor to the display at a distance of up to 30 feet (10m)

Multi-Parameter Display

Display shows multiple parameters along with a pleth waveform

Hassle Free

Grab and go system with the display and signal processor pre-paired

Highly Flexible

System can also monitor rSO2 during resuscitation, ECMO, or anesthetized transports

Rechargeable Battery

Full battery charge provides up to 10 hours of runtime

CO-Pilot Product Features

Reliably Screen for
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The NFPA1 reports annual firefighter injury in the range of 60,000 - 80,000 cases per year, with 13% of those cases related to carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether treating firefighters during fire rehab or patients exhibiting symptoms of CO poisoning, having reliable COHb readings is critical in aiding clinical decision making.

Advanced Technologies
for Pre-Hospital Settings

Until now, it was not possible to measure cerebral oxygenation noninvasively with a simple handheld wireless solution. Starting with advanced hospital-based rSO2 technology, Nonin has developed a customized handheld wireless product for pre-hospital applications in resuscitation, ECMO, anesthetized transport, stroke, seizure, and more.

Webinar: Cerebral Oximetry in CPR

Nonin PureSAT®

The Nonin CO-Pilot provides fast, accurate, cost-effective spot checking of oxygen saturation and pulse rate in pediatric to adult patients. It uses Nonin PureSAT technology to deliver consistent measurements even under demanding conditions. PureSAT automatically adjusts to each patient's condition to provide fast and reliable readings.

Learn More about PureSAT Technology

Compatible Sensors from Nonin

Nonin pulse oximetry sensors are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them highly durable in a wide variety of patient settings. They feature exclusive technologies and are designed with patient comfort in mind, minimizing potential patient discomfort, which can impact the accuracy of sensor readings. Use Nonin's sensor compatibility tools to discover the best sensor(s) for your patient needs.


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  • SenSmart Multi-Sensing 8330AA


  • SenSmart Compatible 8100AA Adult Finger Clip Sensor


  • SenSmart Compatible 8100AP Pediatric Finger Clip Sensor


  • SenSmart Compatible 8100Q2 Ear Clip Sensor


  • SenSmart Compatible 8204CA Regional Oximetry Sensor


  • SenSmart Compatible 8004CB Pediatric Regional Oximetry Sensor


  • SenSmart Compatible 8004CB-NA Pediatric Non-Adhesive Regional Oximetry Sensor


  • Intermediate Cable (INT-100)


  • CO-Pilot Power Supply


  • CO-Pilot Carrying Case


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