Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The Nonin GO2 fingertip oximeter gives COPD patients and others with respiratory diseases the information needed to manage and monitor their oxygen saturation and pulse rate levels to lead an active life. The small, portable, noninvasive GO2 personal pulse oximeter is easy to use and provides just the right amount of pressure to display fast, accurate readings of your blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate.


#1 Choice of Respiratory Therapists

More RTs choose Nonin pulse oximeters than any other brand1


Made in the USA

The Nonin GO2 fingertip oximeter is designed and made in Minnesota


Industry Leading 2-Year Warranty

An industry leading 2-year warranty provides peace of mind

Instant Feedback

Get immediate SpO2 and pulse rate spot check measurements

Manage Chronic Conditions

GO2 is designed to help patients manage chronic lung disease like COPD, especially for those on long-term oxygen therapy

For Active Lifestyles

GO2 is designed to be your go-to fingertip pulse oximeter

Three Colors

Available in blue, green, and pink


Takes a single AAA battery

Nonin PureSAT® Technology
for Reliable Measurements

The Nonin GO2 fingertip pulse oximeter provides fast, accurate, cost-effective spot checking of oxygen saturation and pulse rate in pediatric to adult patients. It uses Nonin PureSAT® technology to deliver consistent measurements even under demanding conditions. PureSAT automatically adjusts to each patient's condition to provide fast and reliable readings.


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  • GO2CC w/GO2 Logo


  • GO2/9590 Lanyard


  • GO2/9580/9590 Retractable Lanyard


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