SenSmart® Model X-100

Universal Oximetry System

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SenSmart® Model X-100

Universal Oximetry System

The Nonin SenSmart Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System features a portable monitor, small signal processors, and interchangeable sensors that deliver the information you need. Even in critical situations, durable Nonin devices provide reliable measurements you can trust.



The SenSmart X-100 from Nonin is the first system to deliver rSO2, SpO2, and pulse rate measurements in one compact, easy-to-read monitor



The SenSmart X-100 can accept any combination of compatible rSO2 and SpO2 sensors to monitor up to six sites on a patient, from neonate to adult



Nonin rSO2 sensors feature dual emitters to provide cerebral cortex measurements that are minimally affected by intervening tissue or surface effects


The portable, easy-to-operate SenSmart X-100 monitor offers Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless data transfer


The display refreshes every 1.5 seconds—so if tissue saturation changes, you will see it right away


Color-coded display automatically recognizes signal processor channel number and oximetry type


10 customizable presets allow quick startup, even for departments or clinicians with particular preferences; display settings can be selected so you can focus on the patient, not on the equipment


Allows data transport to electronic medical record (EMR) systems through hospital interface engines


4-meter hub cables allow placement wherever the monitor is needed; signal processor extension cables increase range by 1–2 meters more

Ready for Use
in Any Setting

From routine procedures to challenging perioperative situations, Nonin regional oximetry devices are designed to work wherever and whenever you need them. The SenSmart X-100 is highly portable, making it suitable for use in clinical settings from neonatal incubators to minimum space-on-bed situations.

Sites and Channels

The SenSmart System lets you monitor up to six sites on a patient, using any combination of compatible rSO2 and SpO2 sensors. It offers a side-by-side view rSO2, SpO2, and pulse rate.

Pulse and Regional Oximetry
in One System

The SenSmart X-100 can serve both your pulse oximetry and regional oximetry needs. Color coding automatically recognizes and displays signal processor channel number and oximetry type for quick identification and action.

Built for
Demanding Environments

SenSmart regional oximetry products are made with the durability you expect for long-lasting performance. Nonin devices withstand repeated daily use, and our technologies deliver consistent, reliable measurements.

Enhanced Memory
and Connectivity

Settings can be customized for departments or clinicians and saved as presets. Internal memory stores up to 840 hours of data, while SenSmart Download Software enables case analysis, record keeping, or research. Bluetooth® wireless connectivity allows remote data download.

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