Xpod® 3012LP

External OEM Pulse Oximeter

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Xpod® 3012LP

External OEM Pulse Oximeter

The Nonin Xpod is an accurate, low-power, easy-to-integrate external pulse oximetry solution for new or existing medical products. With convenient plug-and-play adaptability, the compact Xpod is an ideal pulse oximetry add-on that doesn’t require space in your monitor housing. For superior performance in challenging patient applications, Nonin PureSAT® signal processing and PureLight® sensor technologies combine for a highly responsive and accurate SpO2 monitoring system. The Xpod is now available with Mini-12 or USB connector options. With a volume commitment, Nonin can customize the Xpod to meet your connector needs.


Superior SpO2 Technology

Clinically validated for use in challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion


Low Power Draw

At less than 35mW@3.3V, the Xpod is ideal for small portable products


High Resolution Pulse Oximetry

High Resolution Pulse Oximetry (HRPO) allows users to see SpO2 measurements to the tenths decimal place

PPG Digital Output

For physiologic timing applications, the PPG output can be used for a variety of applications including measuring the time the pulse wave takes to travel between two arterial sites, such as from the heart to the finger

Environmentally Safe

Meets Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS) standards to minimize the introduction of hazardous material into the patient environment

Fast Integration

With convenient plug-and-play adaptability, the compact Xpod is an ideal pulse oximetry add-on that doesn’t require space in your monitor housing

Connector Options

Choose from Mini-12, USB or custom connector based on volume agreement

Compatible with PureLight® Sensors

Nonin PureLight® sensor technology provides superior performance with consistent accuracy for challenging patient applications

PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology

Provides superior performance and accuracy for challenging patient applications, including neonates, dark skin pigmentation, and low perfusion1

Your Partner
of Choice

With more than 30 years of experience and dedication to the design and support of noninvasive monitoring devices, Nonin has helped many medical professionals meet clinical and economic objectives. More than 300 OEM partners around the world rely on Nonin technology to successfully integrate superior pulse oximetry and capnography into their products.

SpO2 Technology

Nonin PureSAT technology uses intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide fast, precise oximetry measurements—even in the presence of SpO2 changes, poor peripheral blood circulations, motion, and other challenging conditions.2

High Resolution Pulse Oximetry
for Accurate SpO2 Measurements

Nonin High Resolution Pulse Oximetry (HRPO) displays pulse oximetry (SpO2) measurements to the tenths decimal place, allowing a higher level of precision to drops in SpO2.

Download the HRPO Feature Sheet


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  • Universal Extension Cable (1m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (3m)


  • Right Angle Connector


  • Universal Right Angle Connector (3m)


  • Sensor Clip for Xpod LP


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