Dependable Patient Respiratory Monitoring

Fast and Reliable Measurements

Easy-to-use pulse oximeters for dentistry and oral appliance therapy

Conscious sedation can help dental patients overcome fear and anxiety and allows dentists to perform longer procedures. General anesthesia is sometimes necessary for complex oral surgery.

Because sedated patients have an increased risk of hypoxia and other perioperative problems, dental practitioners monitor vital signs using pulse oximeters. Nonin devices provide fast and reliable measurements with all kinds of patients, day or night.

Nonin monitoring devices provide precise information to help dental practitioners make confident decisions. Our devices deliver clinically proven heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate measurements. They support dental care operations from simple sedation procedures to oral appliance therapy.

PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry and PureLight® Sensor Technology

PureSAT technology uses intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise oximetry measurements for diverse patients, even for patients with low perfusion1. PureSAT signal processing uses advanced algorithms to separate pulse signals from artifacts and interference, leaving only the true pulse. Using smart averaging technology, PureSAT automatically adjusts to each patient’s condition to provide fast and reliable2 readings for dentistry professionals.

Nonin’s sensors use PureLight LEDs, which produce a high-intensity pure light spectrum that consistently eliminates variations in readings from patient to patient and sensor to sensor.

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