Emergency Medicine
Reliable Results for EMS Professionals

When Every Second Counts
Dependable monitoring solutions for first responders

EMS professionals need equipment that stands up to frequent use, day and night. Nonin oximetry solutions are engineered to deliver reliable measurements every time. They give EMS specialists the data they need to make confident decisions quickly.

Nonin physiologic monitoring devices enable first responders to make quick, confident decisions based on precise patient measurements. Our pulse oximeters and sensors provide clinically proven SpO₂ accuracy in a wide range of patients and settings.

To spend less time on equipment and more on patient care, count on Nonin.

Count on Nonin



38 years of patented oximetry
measurement expertise.



Products that deliver consistent
performance without interruption.



Industry-leading warranties
and responsive service teams.

Advantage: Nonin Pulse Oximetry

You stand up to challenging conditions every day. Your pulse oximeter should, too.

Designed for Demanding Use

Dependable pulse oximetry and capnography solutions for first responders

Pre-hospital emergency response tests the limits of medical equipment. EMS professionals need to trust their equipment. Nonin pulse oximeters provide clinically proven blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) accuracy in a wide range of patients and settings. Engineered with repeated daily use in mind, they reduce equipment failures and prevent workflow interruptions.
Nonin solutions include:

  • Clinically proven pulse oximetry accuracy for challenging patients and conditions
  • Portable pulse oximeters for spot checking or continuous SpO2 monitoring
  • Durable, reliable sensors in reusable and disposable varieties for all ages
  • Capnography monitors that provide fast and reliable first-breath readings