Monitoring for Patients at Home

Reliable Data for Quality Care

Count on Nonin products for continuous or spot check monitoring

For at-home monitoring, you need easy-to-use equipment that provides reliable measurements so you can make confident treatment decisions. Nonin fingertip, handheld, and tabletop oximetry solutions are designed to work wherever and whenever you use them. They provide responsive measurements across a wide range of patient situations, from home to hospital.

A Portfolio of Performance

Nonin offers reliable, cost-effective, noninvasive monitoring solutions:

  • Fingertip pulse oximeters with proven performance across patients and conditions
  • Wrist-worn wireless oximeters for overnight sleep apnea screening or oxygen qualification screening directed by a clinician
  • Tabletop and handheld pulse oximeters for spot checking or continuous monitoring
  • Sensors not made with latex in reusable and disposable varieties for neonates to adults

Durable Design

Engineered for use in the homecare environment, Nonin oximeters are built to last. Their robust designs stand up to repeated use in clinics, hospitals, even emergency medical settings. They’re tough enough for use at home.

Durable construction helps minimize replacement costs. In drop tests that simulate real-world conditions, Nonin pulse oximeters still functioned correctly after 50 drops from a height of 1 meter—about the distance from a person’s upper body to the floor or ground.

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