SpO2 Monitoring for Chronic Disease Management

Dependable Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
for Respiratory Disease Patients

Respiratory disease affects millions of people worldwide, with an estimated 8 million deaths globally.1 These diseases can range from acute to chronic conditions, with some of the most common diseases being asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and acute respiratory infections such as pneumonia or the flu. Oxygenation monitoring is essential for both critically ill patients and patients suffering from chronic conditions. Pulse oximetry is a critical tool for spot-checking or continuous monitoring of respiratory disease patients. Not only can pulse oximetry detect hypoxemias, but it also provides a means of monitoring oxygenation level trends over time or in response to therapeutic intervention. In fact, clinicians rely on the blood oxygenation readings from pulse oximeters for oxygen qualification.

Nonin respiratory solutions are designed with the end user in mind, providing reliable measurements in a wide range of patient settings—including the hospital and at home. Our solutions are easy-to-use, durable for heavy and repeated use, and feature exclusive PureSAT® signal processing and PureLight® sensor technologies that provide clinicians with actionable readings.

Flexible Integration Solutions for OEM Partners

Nonin offers a wide range of flexible OEM solutions for integration in mechanical ventilators, patient monitors, and other oxygen therapy devices. Nonin OEM solutions feature the same exclusive technologies as our branded products. They are easy-to-integrate, and provide consistent performance along with a variety of actionable measurements, allowing clinicians to make confident treatment decisions.

Our dedicated customer support team has helped more than 400 OEM customers bring more than two million low-power, high-accuracy medical devices to market. With one of the world’s largest installed bases of pulse oximetry components, our OEM product team is committed to supporting product development as well as clinical and technical integration.

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Versatile Patient Sensor Options

Nonin SpO2 sensors feature exclusive PureLight sensor technology, which uses high-quality LEDs and a calibrated receptor to eliminate interference from secondary frequencies.

The only way to ensure that clinicians get Nonin’s tested SpO2 accuracy and consistency in the widest range of patients and settings2 is to use Nonin PureLight™ sensors with your Nonin PureSAT® pulse oximeters. All Nonin accuracy claims and overall performance are based on the use of Nonin-branded SpO2 sensors, and only Nonin sensors are designed and tested for use with Nonin pulse oximeters.

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Choose Equity, Choose Nonin
Reliability for All

Accuracy matters, and you need a pulse oximeter that can accurately measure patients of all skin pigmentation.2 Equitable pulse oximetry solutions have been important to Nonin from the beginning. From the release of the world’s first fingertip oximeter in 1995, our solutions have been reliable and accurate for patients, regardless of skin pigmentation.3,4,5 Nonin’s clinically supported PureSAT technology delivers consistently reliable measurements for informed clinical treatment decisions.

You can count on Nonin to read accurately in patients, regardless of skin pigmentation, even in low saturations where measurement accuracy counts the most.4,5,7

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