It’s Not Just a Pulse Oximeter

It's Time to Choose Nonin

It’s time to stop accepting pulse oximetry technology that doesn’t perform when you need it most

As the inventor of fingertip pulse oximetry technology, we have a long-standing history of commitment to creating noninvasive technologies that improve the lives of all people, performing on every single patient, every single time. Equitable pulse oximetry solutions have been important to Nonin from the beginning. From the release of the world’s first fingertip oximeter in 1995, we have been reliable and accurate for patients, regardless of skin pigmentation.1,2,3 Our clinically demonstrated and real-world tested technology ensures blood oxygen measurements can be trusted and fast for patients, even in the most challenging hypoxic environments.2 We have demonstrated time and again that our technology not only exceeds FDA requirements, but also outperforms other medical-grade oximeters.1,2