Clinical Evidence

Nonin PureSAT SpO2 Averaging

Nonin PureSAT®: Intelligent Technology for Quick Results

Nonin Medical’s PureSAT pulse oximetry technology utilizes an intelligent, pulse-by-pulse averaging algorithm that is able to adjust with the patient’s condition for precision accuracy. The PureSAT averaging algorithm automatically adjusts to provide fast response of 3 seconds or faster (based on pulse rates 60 BPM and greater) for adult, pediatric and infant/neonate — with no modes to set or adjust. Nonin’s intelligent PureSAT technology provides quick averaging and identifies the true pulse for patient assessment.

In the example below, Nonin’s PureSAT SpOaverage value was plotted along with the unaveraged SpO2 value taken on each pulse. The PureSAT SpO2 averaging equals 1 second.

Do Nonin pulse oximeters meet the pulse oximetry maximum acceptable signal averaging time of 3 seconds as described by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Manual for the Scoring of Sleep and Associated Events?

Yes. All PureSAT pulse oximeters from Nonin meet the standards in the AASM Scoring Manual for technical specifications and considerations. With the AASM clarification, as described in the AASM Scoring Manual, pulse oximeters designed to update the average on each pulse beat must not exceed the maximum SpO2 averaging time of 3 seconds with pulse rates 80 BPM and above. Nonin’s PureSAT SpO2 averaging is 3 seconds or faster for pulse rates of 60 BPM or greater — outperforming the AASM’s requirement of 80 BPM.

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