Asthma Management

Patients with asthma can use pulse oximetry along with peak flow meters to assess the severity of asthma attacks/exacerbations and response to a treatment.1

Exercise and Activity

If you have a lung disease, daily exercise and activity such as walking is an important part of maintaining your health. A pulse oximeter can help you make sure you’re getting enough oxygen when you’re more active.2

Pursed Lip Breathing

In pulmonary rehabilitation, respiratory therapists often teach pursed lip breathing to help patients increase their blood oxygen levels. A pulse oximeter can help you measure the effectiveness of this breathing technique.3

  • #1 with Respiratory Therapists

    More respiratory therapists (69%) use and trust Nonin finger pulse oximeters than any other brand. (RT Magazine survey, published January 2013)

  • Reliable Performance

    Nonin PureSAT® technology provides reliable readings, especially when your oxygen level is dropping.

  • Durable and Dependable

    The Nonin GO2 is tested to withstand at least 25 drops from 3 feet. Many other oximeters break after 2–4 drops. (Data on file)

  • Data Sharing Capability

    NoninConnect allows patients and clinicians to send SpO2 history by email using a compatible Apple smartphone or tablet

By Prescription Only

Nonin GO2 and NoninConnect Elite 3240 finger pulse oximeters are medical devices for personal use; federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the prescription order of a licensed clinician. They are not intended for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any chronic lung or other disease.