Reminder: Always Use Nonin SpO2 Sensors with Nonin Pulse Oximeters to Ensure Accurate and Reliable Readings

June 6, 2024

The only way to ensure that clinicians get Nonin’s tested SpO2 accuracy and consistency in the widest range of patients and settings1 is to use Nonin PureLight® sensors with your Nonin PureSAT® pulse oximeters. It is important to understand that using non-Nonin sensors with a Nonin pulse oximeter will compromise system accuracy and patient safety and possibly provide you with incorrect readings, which is undesirable in critical situations.

Some third-party sensor manufacturers state that their sensors are compatible with Nonin oximeters. Please be aware that all Nonin accuracy claims and overall performance are based on the use of Nonin-branded SpO2 sensors, and only Nonin sensors are designed and tested for use with Nonin pulse oximeters. Nonin cannot support the use of other sensor brands since they have not been tested and there is no way to validate the oximeter versions from which those sensors were tested.

It is imperative that medical monitoring equipment provide clinicians with accurate and reliable readings of patients’ vital signs. Nonin takes great pride in ensuring that all our products meet rigorous international ISO standards2 for pulse oximetry so that clinicians can make decisions regarding the care of their patients based on accurate readings. Please take the opportunity to remind your Nonin pulse oximeter customers that:

  • Only Nonin sensors used with Nonin pulse oximeters have been clinically tested to meet FDA’s requirements for accuracy.
  • Inaccurate readings may occur when third-party sensors are used, which may compromise patient safety.
  • Nonin will honor system warranties only when Nonin-branded sensors are used.
  • Performance claims are only valid when a complete Nonin system – using Nonin sensors with Nonin pulse oximeters – is used.

The Nonin website contains more evidence regarding the importance of using all Nonin products when measuring pulse rate and SpO2. In addition, remind your customers to review their product Operator’s Manual with any questions regarding system warranties and accuracy claims.

In addition to their tested accuracy with Nonin pulse oximeters, there are also a wide range of sensor types and sizes, ideal for patients ranging from adult to pediatric and neonate. Nonin sensors are designed to be comfortable, durable, and patient-friendly. Take a look at the full line-up of Nonin sensor options on our website.

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  2. ISO 80601-0-61:2011 (formerly ISO 9919:2005)