Nonin Capnography Solutions

Nonin Medical offers four solutions for monitoring EtCO2:

All feature proven Nonin sidestream capnography technology for use in emergency services, acute care, sleep study, post-operative care, and homecare applications.


Fast and Easy
EtCO2 Monitoring

RespSense® is designed for use with intubated and non-intubated patients in clinical settings


Touch-Panel Display

Backlit LCD display makes EtCO2 and respiratory rate values easy to read


Always Ready
In Case of Emergency

RespSense® capnography monitors meet rigorous ISO requirements for EMS transport

RespSense® Capnograph
Small and Lightweight for Easy Portability

The RespSense Capnograph delivers fast, first-breath detection of respiratory rate and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2). This easy-to-use capnography monitor features a unique moisture management system and a highly visible display. The RespSense can be mounted easily on a pole or bed rail, and is compatible with standard tubing, making it cost effective to purchase and operate.

LifeSense® Capnograph and Pulse Oximeter
Combines Exclusive Nonin Technologies

Featuring Nonin sidestream EtCO2 technology and PureSAT® SpO2 technology, this single system provides immediate data on patient pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, and end-tidal carbon dioxide. LifeSense-compatible Nonin PureLight® reusable and disposable pulse oximetry sensors are available for patients from infant to adult.

Clinical Use Cases for Capnography

EtCO2 Monitoring Standards and Recommendations

Capnography provides valuable patient information in a wide range of care settings, from emergency medicine to procedural or conscious sedation to sleep laboratories.1 This document provides a sampling of use cases in different medical environments, and lists some of the professional groups that recommend the use of capnography as a standard practice.