The Support You Need to Keep Your Products in Action

Nonin Medical offers unmatched technical service and support beyond the initial point of sale. Nonin Technical Services is here to help you with warranty and non-warranty repairs, product troubleshooting, replacement parts, software downloads, manuals/Instructions, drivers, cleaning recommendations, and discontinued product information.

Nonin Medical maintains the highest quality standards. All repairs are performed by qualified technicians. Devices are restored to their fully functioning, original specifications.

  • Warranty repairs are performed at no charge unless damaged, misused and/or abused
  • Non-warranty repairs are performed at a flat rate that includes parts and labor
  • Nonin also will perform any applicable device updates

Fingertip Warranties

Product NameWarranty
Onyx® II 95504 Years
Onyx® Vantage 95904 Years
Onyx®3 95912 Years
NoninConnect Elite 32402 Years
TruO2®2 Years

Wrist-Worn Warranties

Product NameWarranty
WristOx2 Model 3150 with USB3 Years
WristOx2 Model 3150 with BLE3 Years

Handheld Warranties

Product NameWarranty
PalmSAT® 2500 Series3 Years
9847/9847V3 Years
Model 85003 Years
CO-Pilot®2 Year
CO-Pilot® Battery1 Year

Tabletop Warranties

Product NameWarranty
SenSmart™ Model X-1003 Years
LifeSense/LifeSense II3 Years
RespSense/RespSense II3 Years
7500/7500FO3 Years
Avant® 97003 Years
Avant® 96003 Years
Avant® 21203 Years
SenSmart™ X-100SP Signal Processor3 Years
2120 NIBP2 Years
LifeSense Battery1 Year
RespSense Battery1 Year
9700 Battery1 Year
9600 Battery1 Year
7500 Battery1 Year
2120 Battery1 Year

Sensor Warranties

Product NameWarranty
8000S2 Years
8000S-WO22 Years
SenSmart 8100S2 Years
SenSmart 8330AA1 Year
8000A1 Year
8000A-WO21 Year
9840SA1 Year
2000 Series6 Month
SenSmart 80066 Month
8000FI3 Month
8000FC3 Month
8000J3 Month
8001J3 Month
8008J3 Month
8000Q23 Month
8000R3 Month

OEM Product Warranties

Product NameWarranty
NoninConnect 32302 Years
3231 USB1 Year
Xpod® 3012LP1 Year

Nonin Medical, Inc. (Nonin) warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment. Products determined to be defective during Nonin’s warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no charge for labor and materials. The determination of whether to repair or replace shall be made at Nonin’s sole discretion. This warranty does not cover consumable items such as (but not limited to) non-rechargeable batteries, external cables, and disposable sensors. This warranty excludes cost of delivery to and from Nonin. All units sent for repair will be delivered to Nonin at Nonin’s designated technical service location. Nonin reserves the right to charge a fee for repairing or replacing a unit received under a claimed warranty repair request if that unit is found to be within specifications, or outside the warranty period for that product.

Nonin shall not be responsible for failure of its products, and the warranty provided herein will not apply, if such failure is attributable to damage during shipment, accident, neglect, misuse (including any use of the product other than in accordance with its documentation), abuse, unauthorized alterations, or exposure of the products to conditions beyond the environmental and operating constraints specified by Nonin.  This warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy by the purchaser hereunder for any Nonin-warranted product delivered to the purchaser that is found to be defective, whether such remedies be in contract, tort, or by law.

For any additional questions on product warranties or product technical, troubleshooting or repair questions, please contact Nonin Technical Support.

Technical Support for North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific:

Toll-Free: (800) 356-8874 (U.S. and Canada only)

Phone: +1 763-553-9968

Technical Support for Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, and Indian Subcontinent:

Phone: +31 (0)13 – 45 87 130