Why Accuracy Matters

October 4, 2016

Nonin is the brand caregivers can depend on, especially with the sickest of patients,

An independent study (done at Clinimark Laboratories in 2016), put Nonin’s fingertip pulse oximeter to the test against devices made by two other manufacturers to see which product gives the most accurate readings. Nonin’s device came out on top.

What’s notable about this study is that it tested products in real-life conditions. Researchers took readings from healthy people undergoing conditions COPD patients actually experience. They simulated oxygen desaturation, including low blood circulation and labored breathing. This makes for an additional challenge because, as a patient’s oxygen drops, it’s harder for the oximeter to find a true pulse. Nonin’s products proved ready for the challenge.

Only the Nonin oximeter was able to accurately track desaturation events in the Clinimark study. Nonin’s fingertip pulse oximeter tracked these events as well as – or even better than – a tabletop oximeter, which was used as a reference point.

What do the findings mean?

Empowerment for caregivers

Caregivers can trust the readings they get in the hospital or medical office, and they can trust the readings patients get at home. If an oxygen reading isn’t accurate, a patient may end up going to the emergency room unnecessarily; another patient may be released too early and have to be readmitted, which can lead to costly penalties for the hospital. Nonin’s technology empowers caregivers to make more informed decisions, reducing healthcare costs, reducing readmissions and improving patients’ lives.

Valuable seconds for heroes

EMS workers, firefighters, military personnel — they work in some of the toughest and most unpredictable environments around. When they deal with a trauma, they have minutes or even seconds to decide their course of action. When seconds matter, these everyday heroes need equipment that allows them to make medical decisions as quickly and as accurately as possible. Nonin’s devices save them time and help them save lives.

Control for patients

When you have a chronic condition like COPD or sleep issues, it can feel like you have lost control. By tracking accurate readings at home, patients have concrete measurements to help them decide whether they need to seek medical attention. They can share and discuss their results with their medical providers. It’s more than peace of mind; the accuracy of Nonin products help patients gain control and live their lives to the fullest.

Accuracy is more than convenience. It’s essential – and it’s why heroes, caregivers and patients choose Nonin.