Nonin GO2 Home Pulse Oximeter

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For People with COPD, Activity is Vital

For people with COPD, asthma and other lung diseases, activity is vital. It helps you to lead a fuller life and keeps you strong. It also aids in keeping your airways clear of mucus, which can lower your risk of infection and pneumonia.1 Activity, however, can increase the risk of your oxygen level dropping to a dangerously low level.1

For Activity, Oximeter Accuracy Helps You Take Control

You need to know if your oxygen level is really dropping, especially during activity. Home pulse oximetry makes it possible for you to self-monitor oxygen levels. Be sure the home pulse oximeter you choose is accurate when your oxygen level is not stable.

PureSAT® Technology Superior Performance When You Are Active

Only Nonin home pulse oximeters have PureSAT® Technology, which is precise enough to measure the oxygen level from each pulse. This provides superior responsiveness when your oxygen level is not stable. The many other finger pulse oximeters for sale are less precise and need to calculate an average oxygen level across numerous pulses, which often results in delayed or inaccurate readings.

Proven Performance

In a comparison study in which a person's oxygen level dropped from 98% to 74%, only the Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter showed the true low oxygen reading. A primary competitor's pulse oximeter showed the person's oxygen level reading dropping to 96% when the true reading was 74%.2

There are many oximeters for sale. The Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter lets you monitor your oxygen levels while exercising, walking, biking, at home or during air travel. The small, portable Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter is rugged and durable and easy to use. Just clip on your fingertip.

Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter’s performance is superior when accuracy matters most, such as:
  1. When your oxygen level drops rapidly
  2. When you are active and feel out of breath
  3. When you want to know your oxygen number

And the Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter provides a reading if your fingers are cold, indicating less blood circulation.

Choose the Nonin GO2 home pulse oximeter with superior performance – to give you control.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is also known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis

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** Note: The Nonin Onyx 9500 and Onyx II 9550 finger pulse oximeters with PureSAT technology are certified for airworthiness in U.S. military aeromedical aircraft. The Nonin GO2 uses the same PureSAT technology.

† Nonin Medical, data on file. Accuracy and durability studies are also located at