Nonin Capnography Literature

The following brochures provide information on how Nonin’s capnography monitors can be used in various clinical environments. The product brochures also contain detailed specifications on the LifeSense and RespSense monitors.

Capnography Use in Pain Management

The use of capnography is becoming more widespread for patients receiving opiates for acute pain management.

Capnography Use in Sleep Labs

Capnography can be a valuable tool to monitor changes in EtCO2 levels during sleep, and can help clinicians diagnose sleep breathing disorders in patients such as hypoventilation syndrome.

Capnography Use in CPR

Capnography is a valuable tool during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Capnography Use in Procedural Sedation

When performing procedural sedation, ensuring patient safety and adequate ventilation using capnography is essential.

Capnography Use in Sedation Dentistry

During dental procedures when the patient is sedated, capnography helps ensure adequate ventilation.

Capnography Use in EMS

Capnography is a valuable tool during emergency transport of both intubated and non-intubated patients.

Capnography Use in Homecare

When caring for patients on a ventilator, a capnography monitor can help measure exhaled CO2 levels in order to reliably assess the quality of ventilation.

LifeSense Brochure

Brochure contains product highlights and technical specifications.

RespSense Brochure

Brochure contains product highlights and technical specifications.

White Paper: Incorporating Capnography Monitoring in Dental Sedation Practice

White paper that examines the benefits of capnography in dental sedation practice and discusses how to choose a capnograph for your needs.

ADA Product Guide: Using Capnography in Your Dental Sedation Practice

Tips from ADA practicing dentists on using capnography to the best advantage.

Article: Capnography Use in Respiratory Care Post-Op Monitoring

Article that describes the role of capnography during post-op monitoring.

Capnography Competency Checklist

Checklist that allows users to demonstrate their competency when using the LifeSense and RespSense Capnography monitors.

Clinical Use Cases for Capnography

List of clinical environments where capnography can be used.

LifeSense Sleep Lab Integration

List of manufacturers who can integrate to the LifeSense Capnography Monitor in sleep labs.

Presentation: Connecting Nonin RespSense and LifeSense in a Sleep Lab

Instructions on how to connect a Nonin RespSense or LifeSense monitor to a sleep lab system.

Capnography Troubleshooting Supplement

Document with tips for troubleshooting Nonin capnography monitors.

Selecting Capnography Monitors for a Community Hospital

Article from Respiratory Therapy magazine that documents one hospital’s capnography selection process.

Capnography Outside the Operating Rooms

Article from the Anesthesiology Journal documenting uses for capnography outside the operating room.

Nonin Pulse Oximeter and Sensor Compatibility Guide

Matrix showing what Nonin pulse oximetry sensors are compatible with Nonin pulse oximeters.

Continuous Monitoring For Patients on Opiods

Article from Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology documenting the monitoring of respiratory depression signs.

Incorporating Capnography Monitoring in Patient-Controlled Analgesia Post-Operative Care

Case study that describes incorporating capnography into patient-controlled analgesia post-op care.