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The NoninConnect Offers Significant Advantages for Personal Health Management

If you’re an athlete, pilot or "quantified-self" tracker who is serious about monitoring your oxygen saturation level and heart rate, the new NoninConnect is your device.

The NoninConnect is made with the same Nonin medical-grade pulse oximetry technology that Nonin builds into our professional pulse oximeters for patients, clinicians and the military. So you benefit from the same clinically proven accuracy – but without the need for a doctor’s prescription!*

The NoninConnect features new Bluetooth® Smart (low energy) wireless technology, which provides a secure, simplified, cable-free connection to your Bluetooth-Smart-ready iOS® mobile device.

Product Highlights

  • Clinically proven accuracy in the widest range of conditions and settings
  • Noninvasive – just clip it on your fingertip
  • Drop-tested durability
  • Water-resistant
  • Compact and portable
  • Large, clear, unique user-facing display
  • Fits finger thickness range: 0.3" to 1.0" (works with most pediatric and adult finger sizes)
  • Long battery life – uses two AAA batteries (approximately 2,200 spot checks)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Nonin CorrectCheck Finger Placement Technology – provides feedback via a digital display if user’s finger is not placed correctly in the device
  • Nonin SmartPoint Capture Algorithm – automatically determines when a high-quality measurement is ready to be wirelessly transmitted
  • Simplified wireless pairing to Bluetooth-Smart-ready mobile devices:
    • No need to pre-pair or enter numbers
    • Pairing to Apple iOS® is simplified; no authentication chip required

Download the Free App

You can download the free NoninConnect pulse oximetry software demonstration application from the Apple iTunes Store. The app allows you to display your pulse oximeter data in a histogram format and also send your pulse oximeter session data to an email address for storage on your personal computer, phone or tablet.

ATTENTION APP DEVELOPERS: If you’re interested in developing a pulse oximetry software application for the NoninConnect, please contact Nonin Medical at

* The NoninConnect is not a medical device and therefore does not require a doctor’s prescription.