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Nonin Medical is a leading global provider of OEM solutions in pulse and regional oximetry. Nonin’s easy-to-integrate products and dedicated customer support team have helped more than 400 OEM customers bring more than a million low-power, high-accuracy medical devices to market. Nonin OEM solutions feature exclusive technologies that provide low power, easy to integrate, reliable, and accurate pulse oximetry components for our OEM partners.

High-Quality Modules that are

Nonin OEM solutions are designed for easy and flexible integration. With dedicated integration support, Nonin's compact internal pulse oximetry modules are an easy-to-integrate solution that require minimal space in your monitor housing. Featuring exclusive Nonin technologies, Nonin internal pulse oximeter modules offer a highly-responsive and accurate SpO2 monitoring system.

Exclusive Technologies for
OEM Partners

The combination of the Nonin PureSAT® Signal Processing Technology and PureLight® Sensor Technology provides a highly-responsive and precise system for industry-leading accuracy and reliable readings, even under the most challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion, and across diverse skin pigmentation1,2

Integration Made Simple

Superior SpO2 Technology

Validated technology for use in challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion

Low Power Draw

29 mW in typical operations @ 3.3 VDC input voltage

Highly Compatible

Small footprint, 3-wire interface, and serial output make the OEM III easy to integrate into your technology

Nonin OEM XGen4 System

Expand your capabilities with Nonin OEM XGen4 technology - a system of compact, efficient, and easily-integrated components providing multiple-parameter monitoring, industry-leading accuracy, proprietary sensors, and the ability to add future parameters with a simple firmware update. All delivered with the dedicated support of a partner who has helped more than 400 OEM partners bring over one million medical devices to market.1

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