Reusable Pulse Oximetry Soft Sensors

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Reusable Pulse Oximetry Soft Sensors

Nonin 8000S Series reusable soft sensors offer ultimate flexibility for SpO2 measurement, whether short-term spot checking or continuous monitoring. The specifically designed soft sensors offer superior patient comfort by providing an optimal distribution of pressure and three sizes to fit a variety of patient hands from children to adults.

With Nonin PureLight® sensor technology and PureSAT® signal processing, you can be sure you're getting consistent results from patient to patient and sensor to sensor—even under challenging patient conditions such as low perfusion.


Three Sizes Fit Most Patients

For these digit thicknesses:
8000SS 7.5mm-12.5mm (0.3”-0.5”)
8000SM 10mm-19mm (0.4”-0.75”)
8000SL 12.5mm-25.5mm (0.5”-1”)


Immediate Response

Near-instant measurements ensure readings from the moment the sensor is placed


PureSAT® SpO2 Technology

Uses intelligent pulse by pulse filtering to provide accurate measurements even with low perfusion or dark skin tones

Designed for Comfort

These sensors remain comfortable for spot checks or long-term monitoring

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the sensor between uses is quick and simple

Patient Friendly

Silicone construction—not made with natural rubber latex

Reusable Sensors
For Patients of Many Sizes and Clinical Presentations

Nonin has designed an array of PureLight reusable sensors for patients of many sizes and clinical presentations. The 8000 series of reusable sensors are ideal for spot checks, short-term monitoring, or continuous monitoring.

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