SenSmart Model 8204CA

Regional Oximetry Sensor

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SenSmart Model 8204CA

Regional Oximetry Sensor

Dual emitter and dual detector regional oximetry sensor for use with the SenSmart® Model X-100 Universal Oximetry (rSO2 /SpO2) System. SenSmart technology offers accurate rSO2 values on all patients to help clinicians assess their patients’ true physiologic conditions. 1, 2


Four Wavelength Optics

SenSmart rSO2 technology uses four wavelengths of light to measure the balance of oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin, resulting in greater accuracy and reliability


Dual-Emitter Architecture

Dual emitters and dual detectors provide repeatable cerebral cortex measurements that are minimally affected by intervening tissue or surface effects


Real-Time Readings

Sampling rates less than two seconds apart guarantee up-to-date saturation readings

Immediate Response

Near-instant measurements ensure readings from the moment the sensor is placed

Compact Footprint

13% smaller footprint than 8004CA enables more precise sensor placement

Excellent Adhesion

Proven, reliable adhesions, even with highly diaphoretic patients

Quick Connection

Intermediate cable stays connected to signal processor, making sensor connecting and application to patient fast and easy

Smart Design

Center orientation of the sensor cable allows for directing cables over the patient’s forehead

Versatile Readings

Skin color or pigmentation has not been shown to affect the accuracy of the readings


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