Nonin Academy: Pediatric Home Ventilation with Dr. Marti Pons Odena

Join us for a discussion on the importance of pediatric home ventilation with Dr. Martí Pons Ódena, MD, PhD. Dr. Pons is a pediatrician and coordinator of the home ventilation program at Sant Joan de Deu (SJD) Children’s Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. He has been a pediatric intensive care physician at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital since 1998. Dr. Pons specializes in research about mechanical ventilation and the international promotion of the use of non-invasive ventilation in both acute and chronic patients.

This recorded webinar covers the basics of monitoring oxygenation and ventilation of pediatric patients, as well as real case studies from Dr. Pons’s professional experience. This discussion is followed by a Q&A session with Dr. Martí Pons where he answers questions about the application and usefulness of pulse oximetry in pediatric home ventilation.