Nonin’s Commitment
to Sustainable Business Practices

At Nonin, our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. As such, we are committed to sustainable practices as a way to improve global well-being for people alive today, as well as future generations. As a bonus, some of these practices also result in cost savings for Nonin and our partners. Whenever possible, Nonin tries to minimize waste while maximizing profitability.

We follow best practices for resource management in product design, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution. We meet all regulatory requirements for environmental impact, and pursue continuous improvement with guidance from documents such as ISO 14001 and UL 880. See some of our current sustainable business practices:

Hybrid Work

Converted to a flexible hybrid work model to minimize travel which reduces emissions as well as electricity and water usage on site.

Facilities Consolidation

Decreased the total number of buildings at our global headquarters to optimize space and reduce utility consumption.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Expanded access to electric vehicle charging stations at our headquarters to promote sustainable transportation options like EVs.

Renewable Energy

Of the electrical energy being used at our global headquarters 41% is generated by renewable sources.

eWaste Recycling and Disposal

We prioritize properly disposing of electronics being created and tested at our office to ensure parts can be recycled and reused.

Recycling and Waste Signage

Updated signage across headquarters to ensure the proper recycling of materials and encourage the responsible disposal of waste.

Onyx Vantage 9590
Packaging Update

Nonin redesigned our Onyx Vantage 9590 product packaging, reducing the product and shipping packaging by 25%. We have utilized 100% recyclable cardboard design while eliminating all plastic and unnecessary documentation. These changes help us realize annual savings of:
- 51 barrels of oil
- 2,100 gallons of gas
- 7,950 litres of petrol
We plan to expand this new sustainable packaging to our full product line.


By switching our product documentation from an extensive "Instructions for Use" to a more condensed "Quick Start Guide", Nonin managed to save paper while expanding access to product information on our website.

Energy Reduction Efforts

By adjusting business practices in our corporate office, Nonin was able to reduce its overall energy and utility consumption. Since 2022, we have seen reductions in water use by 29%, natural gas use by 27%, and electricity by 19%.

Reliable Devices, Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to offering high quality devices goes deeper than just performance. To limit waste and show our commitment to consumers and the environment we make our devices extremely durable while still offering long product warranties and repairs. On average, Nonin repairs 6,168 devices a year to ensure the continued quality and safety of our products.

Additionally, the devices we specialize in creating are free of intentionally added chemicals like bisphenols, phthalates, and perfluorinated compounds. These same devices also run on a highly efficient low power design that is battery operated with an auto shutoff.

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Founded in 1986, Nonin has more than 30 years of patented oximetry measurement expertise


Our highly-durable products deliver consistent performance in a wide range of healthcare environments.


We pride ourselves on our industry-leading warranties and our responsive service teams.

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