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Consumer eHealth Monitoring


eHealth Pulse Oximeters that are Accurate, Reliable, Easy to Use and Easy to Integrate

Nonin Medical has been a leader in chronic disease management, personal health, and other remote monitoring needs from the beginning. Nonin was a technology leader with the first Bluetooth medical devices but we understood that it would take more than inventing a medical device to help drive this market forward; we would have to lead integration and interoperability (Nonin co-founded the Continua Alliance to establish common standards and implemented one of the first Microsoft HealthVault-compliant medical devices to prove enterprise-wide interoperability).

We applied our clinical algorithms to semi-consumer devices to achieve the clinical accuracy needed to monitor more than just health and wellness patients, but patients with diagnosed diseases like COPD. We designed products for the exceptional durability required for home use, reliability and a low cost of ownership. We further designed data streams that contain more than just pulse rate and SpO2 but also included added-value data to help eHealth providers to manage their devices and provide support to patients in their homes. We also have implemented special programs to simplify logistics and improve our customers' workflow.

Nonin continues to works with leaders in eHealth to advance the industry and our shared interests. We understand, as in all the OEM markets where Nonin operates, that our success depends on the success of our OEM customers. To this end, we are much more than a supplier, and we invest in co-marketing, education and shared-focus areas to help our OEM customers grow. Nonin sees a great opportunity to improve the quality of life for millions of patients and reduce the cost of healthcare as well through eHealth, mHealth, and Telehealth, and we are committed to this future.

An eHealth Innovator

We're proud of our history of developing eHealth and mHealth solutions before our customers have identified specific remote patient monitoring needs. It's a fact: Most leading telemedicine/telehealth equipment providers integrate Nonin pulse oximetry into their systems because they know Nonin's low power eHealth solutions are clinically accurate, easy to use, easy to pair and cost effective. Nonin eHealth product innovations include:

  • The world's first pulse oximeter with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • The world's first interoperable, fingertip pulse oximeter with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • The world's first Continua-certified product
  • The world's first wireless, wrist-worn pulse oximeter
  • The world's first clinical device that uses Bluetooth Smart (LE) wireless technology, with simplified pairing

An Industry Driver

Nonin Medical is leading the way in developing and adopting open standards for device integration -- and in driving industry advancement through collaboration:

  • Nonin is a founding member of the Continua Alliance, an active participant, and a Promoter Member of the Alliance continua-banner.jpg
  • Nonin is a leading company for implementation of emerging open standards, including Continua standards (the first two devices certified by the Continua Alliance were Nonin Medical products), IEEE11073, and Bluetooth's Health Device Profile (HDP)
  • Nonin is a leading member of the Bluetooth SIG, won its Best of CES Award for the Onyx II 9560, and is actively involved in helping set healthcare data standards
  • Nonin is a Sustaining Circle Member and a member of the Industry Council of the American Telemedicine Association
  • Nonin is one of the first medical device companies that has demonstrated end-to-end Microsoft® solutions; our Onyx II 9560 is one of the very first medical devices to receive Microsoft HealthVault® CertificationMicrosoftHealthVaultLogo.png
  • Nonin Medical is one of the few companies to be Seimens Assignio Certified. Nonin is also certified by Telus for similar eHealth solutions in Canada.

Technology Designed for Today and Tomorrow

With more than 1.2 million pulse oximeters installed, Nonin is leading eHealth providers in integrating Nonin product for chronic disease management of conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), sleep apnea and asthma.

Accurate: Effective in the widest range of patient populations and settings, so you can provide one device for clients

Reliable: Made in the USA with hazard free materials

Easy to Use: Easy to read SpO2 and pulse rates; long battery life

Easy to Integrate: Easily integrates into most telemedicine hubs via Bluetooth wireless, Bluetooth Smart, or USB port connections

Click here to learn more about Nonin’s PureSAT pulse oximetry technology difference.

Nonin eHealth Products

Nonin 3230 Bluetooth Smart –The world's first finger pulse oximeter with Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, which provides a simplified pairing for vital information exchange over a secure wireless connection

Onyx® II 9560 – Award-winning finger pulse oximeter that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit information wirelessly to a host receiver

WristOx2 3150 – wrist-worn pulse oximeter that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit information wirelessly to a host receiver

ipod® – pulse oximetry in a sensor that plugs into a medical device through an external port

Outstanding Service and Support

At Nonin, customer support begins with your initial inquiry and continues beyond the sale of the product. From evaluation to installation to maintenance to upgrade and expansion, we provide individualized customer and technical service support, including OEM evaluation kits, clinical evidence, technical support, sales and customer training templates, and more.

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