Cerebral and Somatic rSO2 and SpO2 Oximetry for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate Patients

An innovative design that pairs simple with smart, Nonin Medical's SenSmart Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System is the first system to deliver both pulse and regional oximetry measurements today, and is designed to accommodate more parameters in the future. Now, one system provides a side-by-side view of rSO2, SpO2, and pulse rate values for real-time decision making. Accurate measurements of pulse and regional oxygenation provides clinicians with information needed to ensure patients receive appropriate oxygen intervention. With the SenSmart system, Nonin's proprietary EQUANOX regional oximetry technology allows for management of patients at risk for compromised oxygen saturation of the brain or other tissues. Nonin's SpO2 and pulse rate values can help to proactively identify oxygen delivery issues for early intervention.

See the SenSmart website for more information www.SenSmart.com

Product Highlights

  • Versatile: SenSmart-compatible rSO2 sensors and/or SpO2 sensors can monitor up to six sites (cerebral or somatic) on adult, pediatric or neonate patients. In addition, the SenSmart System is designed to accommodate many more parameters in the future.
  • Accurate: Fast, accurate and reliable readings even in patients with dark skin, low perfusion and other challenging conditions.
  • Easy: The smaller, lighter and less-intrusive Nonin SenSmart Universal Signal Processors automatically recognize Nonin rSO2 or SpO2 sensor signals. The monitor then displays the corresponding values and color-coded channel number you have chosen to connect to.
  • Convenient: The portable, pole-mountable, easy-to-operate SenSmart Monitor offers Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and comes with SenSmart Download Management Software. The SenSmart Systems interfaces with Philips® VueLink® or Intellibridge, Philips CompuRecord, Spectrum Medical-VIPER®, and Sorin Perfusion Data Management System®.