Trust Nonin Oximeters, Even For Your Sickest Patients

October 27, 2016

Does your oximeter work for all of your patients? How can you know?

• COPD patients often present with complex co-morbidities.

• Up to 49.5% of COPD discharges have congestive heart failure (CHF) and/or coronary artery diseasse (CAD)1.

• Poor blood circulation is a symptom of CHF2 and can result in low pulse strength.

Pulse wave distortions from low pulse strength and labored breathing can cause inaccurate oximeter readings3

White Paper Summary

Normal Pulse Strength* *Simulated waveforms

Low Pulse Strength*

Low Pulse Strength with Labored Breathing*

Not all pulse oximeters perform alike.

More than 30 brands of oximeters are made by two manufacturers:3 • Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co Ltd. (Beijing, China)
• Contec Medical Systems Co Ltd. (Qinhuangdao, China)

New Study: Independent Lab Test in Humans

An independent hypoxia lab recently completed a study in humans demonstrating that oximeters from the above two large private label manufacturers often fail to track desaturations in conditions associated with the sickest patients — low perfusion (low finger blood circulation) and labored breathing associated with dyspnea (shortness of breath).4 Read the new study:

Figure 1: Example of No Tracking

The green reference pulse oximeter shows an hypoxic event. The purple pulse oximeter tracked the event.

The blue pWualrsme oRexfimerentecer SwpaOs2 >10% inCoalcdcuRerafetree.nce SpO2

100% 100% 90%

Figure 2: SpO2 Desaturation Capture

The chart shows the percentage of subjects in which oxygen level changes were accurately tracked during conditions of low perfusion and labored breathing.


Your oximeter needs to work on all your patients, especially the sickest. Only Nonin makes Nonin.

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