Nonin EQUANOX AdvanceTM 8004CA Cerebral Oximeter Sensor Provides Valid Assessment of True Tissue Oxygen Saturation

David B. MacLeod, F.R.C.A., Department of Anesthesiology, Duke University Med

September 12, 2019

Clinical Bibliography: Cerebral and Tissue Oximetry

Nonin is committed to investments in clinical research and education to improve

November 20, 2018

Use of Cerebral Oximetry Monitoring in the EP Lab

Michael Neal, CRNA, MSN, Anesthesia Clinical Team Leader, EP Lab Duke University

October 24, 2018

Clinical Bibliography: Cerebral Oximetry for Beach Chair Procedures

Shoulder arthroscopy is a common procedure used to treat rotator cuff injury, im

October 24, 2018

Choosing A Cerebral Oximeter

Non-invasive assessment of cerebral oxygenation: A comparison of retinal and tra

January 5, 2018